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Our Auto Detailing uses Green Cleaning chemicals


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Buffalo, NY Auto Detailing




Buffalo, NY Auto Detailing




Did You Know:  It's A Fact

  • Your vehicle is your 2nd largest investment to your home
  • The average American spends 233 hours in their vehicle every year.
  • Vehicles are subjected to a lot of abuse from different external factors, such as harsh elements, road salt, dirt, factory exhausts and even smog.
  • It is also a fact that reconditioning, maintaining and protecting both the interior and exterior of your vehicle prolongs the life expectancy and value longer.

Why Have Your Auto Detailed

We hope to improve its value with a quality detail.  Most of us realize that our vehicle looks less respectable when considering the year of it as well as money still owed.  Others usually think about selling or trading them in and logically understand that it increases the value for a reasonable cost.

Automotive detailing is classified as routine maintenance for your vehicle, like an oil change, tire rotation, or transmission flush.

  4 great reasons to have your auto professionally detailed often.

  • It will help to keep the re-sale value high.  A car graded in excellent condition can sell for thousands of dollars more than the same car graded only "good".
  • The interior of your car will be a healthier place to be.  Dirt and dust will be removed and the hard surfaces will have less germs. Any obscure smells will be neutralized too.
  • Having your car detailed is convenient. A mobile detailing service will come to your home or office to save you time and shop appointments allow you to drop off your vehicle 'worry free'.
  • Time! Who truly has the time between a busy work schedule and family.  We love our vehicles and know how important it is to keep them protected BUT 24 hours a day just is not enough time.  
  • A well protected, spotless car makes us feel great!

"It's not just a car wash and flashy lights. It's a professional detail process.  It protects your investment and maintains its highest value while utilizing many of the best products on the market and having us 'professionally' detail it!"......Owner Tom Lattuca of Detail Specialties.

auto detailing in Buffalo, NY

In Buffalo, NY We also do interior auto detailing

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